Have you had enough of behind behind the game when it comes to trading?

Have you had enough of people pointing out levels after they’ve traded?

Are you tired of hearing about all the hindsight trades people have done?

Are you sick of the “experts” sharing their knowledge when it’s all too late?

At Forexflow.live we’re sick of it too, which is why we’re putting out the trades and information faster and faster. We’re on a mission to bring you the news as soon as it happens, and what it means for prices and your trading. And, if we can’t get there fast enough when something does happen, we’ll highlight what to look for next.

Our new Live Blog format allows us to get the news and trades out it quickly, meaning you have the vital time needed to pick or change a trade. Our writers put their trades out in real time…

And we update our trades in real time too..

We don’t crow about winners, nor hide from our losers.

We’re not perfect and will never claim to be. We have winning trades and we have losing trades, and what we strive for is honesty and integrity. We want to cut through the crap that gets offered in this trading game and help traders really learn how to trade properly and  successfully.

We’ve only just started this journey and there’s a long road ahead. ForexFlow.live has some fantastic REAL traders who put their own money on the line, wear their hearts on their sleeves and put their trades out on the line. We’re not a signal service, a copy service, or a tipping service, we’re a group of traders who love trading and trading properly.

Our site is free to use for all, and we want to make it right for everyone. We’re going to be building on that to make ForexFlow.live an entity that will make a REAL difference to your trading.

We already have a live trading room where the trades and moves are discussed in greater detail, and many of our trades are born out of there. You can try it out with a free 14 day trial at your leisure.

So, if you really are sick of being behind the curve and want to be in front of the game, if you want to learn from traders who have been doing this for many years, if you want to mix with like minded individuals, and find out you’re not alone in the trading world, we’ve got the answers right here at ForexFlow.live.

Spread the word folks, we’re going to create a movement here and we’re only just beginning, and you’re welcome to come along for the ride.



Ryan Littlestone

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