The Commitment of Traders net speculative positions report from the CFTC as of Tuesday 13 March 2018

  • JPY -79k vs -87k prior
  • EUR +146k vs +133k prior
  • GBP +8k vs +5k prior
  • AUD -1k vs +3k prior
  • NZD -3k vs 0k prior
  • CAD +19k vs +20k prior
  • CHF -7k vs -8k prior
  • BTC -1716 vs -1599 prior
  • S&P -11k vs -14k prior
  • US10 -271k vs -362k prior

JPY shorts decrease once more, while EUR longs keep pushing higher. There was also a big cut in bond shorts and that’s probably helped with keeping yields on the softer side and well under the 3.0% mark.

CFTC EUR longs

CFTC EUR longs as of 13 03 2018

Ryan Littlestone

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