Results are still coming in but it’s not been a bad night for Theresa May and the government

Theresa May’s government has had one of those days where they feared the worst but the worst didn’t happen. The local elections have mainly been a steady affair for the two main parties, and it’s been more a case of picking up seats from a collapsing UKIP, as opposed to many seats changing hands. London was a big worry for the Tories but they’ve come out pretty well.

UK elections 2018

We’re still about 3/4 of the way through the results so there’s still time for some twists and turns but GBP looks unaffected by the results. As I Mentioned last night, these aren’t a direct portrayal of a general election but they are important for getting an idea of how the government is doing. On these results so far, there’s been no real damage inflicted, and for the government, they’ll take that as good news.



Ryan Littlestone

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