There’s a copy of the Italian government contract that’s supposedly been agreed out in the press

The main points from it (it’s a big doc), it that there’s no specific comments on referendums or the EU exit talk, or anything about the single currency.

Our source in Italy says there’s not much at all bar a lot of promises on immigration, corruption, a flat tax of 15/20% and the citizen income plan has been watered down.

Here’s they key part about the EU (translated);

Italian government contract

Italian government contract

I’m not sure this link will work but here’s a (google) translated version of the whole thing. CONTRACT FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF CHANGE

And here’s the original; 5StarLegacontract

The lack of any strong anti-EU rhetoric could be something that’s taken positively by EUR markets tomorrow, or when this gets a wider audience.

Huge thanks to our Italian reader 5 Magics for the links and summary.

Ryan Littlestone

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