April 2018 UK public sector finances 22 May 2018

  • Prior -0.262bn
  • Ex-Banks 7.840bn vs 8.600bn exp. Prior 1.348bn. Revised to 0.799bn
  • PSNCR -9.710bn vs 0.437bn. Revised to 1.310bn
  • Central government NCR -6.1bn vs 19.9bn prior

So a bit of a reversal on last month which saw a boost in tax revenues. There’s always some large variations in the months of March and April due to the end of the financial year. You only need to look at the revisions for that. Still, the deficit is down some 1.11bn on this time last year, which is good news. It’s the lowest Apr borrowing since 2008. The quid is liking the numbers and there’s nothing negative coming from Vlieghe. It’s all adding to the trend in play at the moment.


Ryan Littlestone

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