Here’s some of the current chatter from our man on the ground in Italy, 5Magics

On the commedia:

  • Di Maio willing to start a government with Savona not as economy minister but in another role (not sure if this makes any sense but anyway)
  • Mattarella seems interested in the thing, so ball now in the court of Salvini.
  • He’s running out of excuses to say no to the government. If this gov happens should be EUR positive due to Savona sidelined though it remains to see what role he would have and most of all who the economy minister would be
  • If Salvini says no, Cottarelli should start quickly, and this should be EUR neutral and would move the weight from the government to the electoral campaign

Having said that, there are 2 rumours:

  1. EUR negative: Salvini will say no to the government offer, break with the 5S and get back to the center right coalition with Berlusconi and impose him to run the campaign with Savona as their unique candidate for the economy minister, and pushing harder on anti EU rhetoric. With the recent jump in polls for Lega, Lega+Berlusconi would likely have the majority
  2. EUR positive: Some voices saying Savona is finally realising that his candidacy is blocking the entire country and he may step back with a statement saying he refuses the candidacy
    That’s it, goodnight

Massive thanks to him once again. This is going to cost me a fair few beers 😉

Ryan Littlestone

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