Another topsy-turvy week in markets with plenty to whet the appetite

Politics was the main theme and hopefully we’re over that hurdle for a while. Markets were pulled and pushed around but we end with no clear direction in many pairs. The data took a back seat but should come to the fore next week. Usually the week after NFP it can be quite quiet but the calendar has plenty to offer us.

A fairly quiet week of trading for me, with other things on my mind. The stop hunters finally got my EURUSD short from 1.20 but they couldn’t catch the new long from Wednesday and I’m happy to keep riding that one.

As usual, a massive thanks to my colleagues for doing such a fantastic job both on site and in the trading room. H, K and Si are top notch both on and off the pitch.

A special thanks too to our pal 5 Magics who has been an absolute star with the Italian news and analysis throughout this week. The ForexFlow project is about more than the writers, it’s about the readers, and his input has been above and beyond. The beers are on me sir.

Of course, our gratitude goes out to all our other readers and friends around the forex world. We know there’s been good trades and bad trades and the support offered by you guys is worthy of a medal. A special mention to a certain EURUSD shorter who has decided to pack up his commenting. A great and undeserved loss to the community and a reminder that we should all give the respect we expect to receive from others, no matter what our opinions are. Believe me, there are always far more important things to worry about in life than getting upset on the internet.

So, that’s it from me for this week folks, I hope you’ve had profitable one and if not, I hope you come back stronger than ever next week. HAGW.

Ryan Littlestone

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