April 2018 US factory orders and durable goods revisions 04 June 2018

  • Prior 1.6%. Revised to 1.7%
  • Ex-transport 0.4% vs 0.3% prior m/m. Revised to 0.5
  • Durable goods revision -1.6% vs -1.7% prior
  • Ex-trans 0.9% vs 0.9% prior
  • Ex-def -1.9% vs -1.9% prior
  • Cap goods orders non-def ex -air 1.0% unch
  • Cap goods shipments non-def ex-air 0.9% vs 0.8% prior

Worse than expected on the factory orders mainly driven by a 6.0% drop in transport equipment. That one’s affected by the volatile aircraft component. That differential comes out of the ex-transport number which shows that manufacturing is still fairly robust.

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