June 2018 Eurozone Markit manufacturing, services and composite flash PMI’s 22 June 2018

  • Prior 55.5
  • Manufacturing new orders 53.3 vs 54.2 prior. Lowest in nearly 2 years
  • Services 55.0 vs 53.7 exp. Prior 53.8
  • Services employment 55.2 vs 53.9 prior. Highest in over 10 years
  • Composite 54.8 vs 53.9 exp. Prior 54.1

On the inflation front, stronger higher prices were seen, and they were being passed on to customers;

“The flash PMI survey gauge of input cost inflation across both manufacturing and services meanwhile rose to its second-highest in seven years, falling just short of January’s peak. A further widespread lengthening of supplier delivery times meant vendors were often able to hike prices as demand outstripped supply. Higher oil and fuel costs, as well as rising wages, were also often reported.

Companies sought to pass higher costs on to customers, pushing average selling prices for goods and services up at the fastest rate since February”

Aside from manufactucturing, this data puts a positive end on the quarter.

Other PMI’s out today;


  • Manufacturing 53.1 vs 53.9 exp. Prior 54.4
  • Services PMI 56.4 vs 54.3 exp/prior
  • Composite 55.6 vs 54.2 exp. Prior 54.2


  • Manufacturing 55.9 vs 56.2 exp. Prior 56.9
  • Services 53.9 vs 52.1 exp/prior
  • Comp 54.2 vs 53.4 exp/prior


  • Manufacturing 53.1 vs 52.8 prior
Ryan Littlestone

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