US EIA oil invetory data week ending 22 June 2018

  • Prior -5.914m
  • OPD -9.228m
  • Cushing -2.713m vs -1.296m prior. OPD -1.741m
  • Gasoline 1.156m vs 1.250m exp. Prior 3.277m. OPD 1.152m
  • Distillates 0.0015m vs 1.600m exp. Prior 2.715m. OPD 1.785m
  • Production 10.90m vs prior 10.90m

Pretty much matching the OPD data. The market would have been leaning that way anyway. WTI has pushed up to new highs of 72.57 from around 71.78.

Ryan Littlestone

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