The Commitment of Traders net speculative positions report from the CFTC as of Tuesday 3 July 2018

  • JPY -39k vs -34k prior
  • EUR +37k vs +34k prior
  • GBP -29k vs -22k prior
  • AUD -39k vs -41k prior
  • NZD -26k vs -18k prior
  • CAD -49k vs -33k prior
  • CHF -40k vs -38k prior
  • BTC -409 vs -1368 prior
  • S&P +3668 vs +2561 prior
  • US10 -500k vs -355k prior

A rise in GBP shorts would have seen a bit of a squeeze into the end of last week and this. CAD shorts look out on a limb with the upcoming BOC this week.

CFTC USDCAD positioning

CFTC USDCAD positioning as of 03 07 2018

Ryan Littlestone

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