The Commitment of Traders net speculative positions report from the CFTC as of Tuesday 18 September 2018

  • JPY -64k vs -54k prior
  • EUR +2k vs +11k prior
  • GBP -79k vs -61k prior
  • AUD -68k vs -44k prior
  • NZD -32k vs -23k prior
  • CAD -30k vs -27k prior
  • CHF -18k vs -35k prior
  • BTC -1318 vs -1239 prior
  • S&P +129 vs +1472 prior
  • US10 -685k vs -683k prior

A late dump on the Brexit mess leaves GBP shorts not far off where the week started. USD longs are still increasing in all bar the Swissy. AUD shorts are rising too into the rally this week.


Ryan Littlestone

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