August 2018 UK mortgage approvals and BOE consumer credit

  • Prior 64,768,. Revised to 65,156
  • Mortgage lending 2.904bnbn vs 3.200bn exp. Prior 3.195bn. Revised to 2.907bn
  • BOE consumer credit 1.118bn vs 1.300bn exp. Prior 0.817bn
  • Of which credit cards 466m vs 213m prior. Revised to 223m
  • Total lending 1.911bn vs 2.700bn prior
  • Of which SME lending 34m vs -437m prior
  • M4 money supply 0.2% vs 0.9% prior

Ok on the morgage approvals but lending amounts are lower. Credit up a touch and CC usage up too.


Ryan Littlestone

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