October 2018 US ADP employment report 31 October 2018

  • Prior 230k. revised to 218k
  • Small business 29k vs 56k prior
  • Medium 96k vs 99k prior
  • Large 102k vs 75k prior
  • Goods producing sector 38k sv 46k prior
  • Services 189k vs 184k prior
  • Manufacturing 17k vs 7k prior
  • Mining 4k vs 5k prior
  • Construction 17k vs 34k prior
  • Trade & Transport 61k vs 30k prior
  • Info 4k vs -3k prior
  • Financials 4k vs 16k prior
  • Professionals 36K vs 70k prior
  • Education & health 31k vs 44k prior
  • Leisure and hospitality 40k vs 16k prior
  • Other 13k vs 10k prior

A sea of green on the employment front this month and it’s the service sector areas seeing the best of it. Jobs growth continues to look strong in the US and the Fed will be very happy with that.

Ryan Littlestone

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