Unfortunately our forex option expiry data is now limited to subcribers only

The Forex option expiry data we print is a mixture of reported options and market information received from various contacts and sources. Unfortunately another forex site is plagiarising the data we provide and passing it off as their own. All requests by us for them to cease have been ignored so we are having to take the unfortunate step of reducing the information we provide on site and limit the full options board to subscribers of the ForexFlow platform.

Subscribers already receive the option information the previous night before expiry, as well as greater detail on the make up of the expiries (Calls vs Puts, barriers, strategies in play, weekly options view etc). If you wish to subscribe, please use do so here.

We apologise for this course of action but we don’t put the time and effort in to our site to have some other site rip it off. Our options board and information is the most comprehensively compiled data offered among any retail forex websites. To that end, we will give a brief overview of some expiries and will release the full board (expiries only) for public viewing 15 minutes before the expiry time.

  • USDJPY – 114.00/10 2.10bn
  • GBPUSD 1.2900 716m
  • USDCNH 7.0250 830m



Ryan Littlestone

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