October 2018 UK mortgage approvals and consumer credit data 29 November 2018

  • Mortgage approvals 67,086 vs 64,550 exp. Prior 65,269. Revised to 65,726
  • Mortgage lending 4.121bn vs 3.501bn exp. Prior 3.892bn. Revised to 4.015bn
  • Total lending 5.015bnm vs 4.677bn prior. Revised to 4.867bn
  • BOE consumer credit 0.894bn vs 1.000bn exp. Prior 0.785bn. Revised to 0.852bn
  • Of which credit card 0.359bn vs 0.477bn prior. Revised to 0.471bn
  • Total lending to non-financials 1.634bn vs -1.678bbn prior
  • Of which SME lending -0.443bn vs 0.355bn prior

Lending at a 3-year low, which could be goood news, depending on the reasons. Mortage approvals jumping is good news for the housing market.

Ryan Littlestone

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