Bids into 1.2700 have brought a halt to the selling so far

I bought the dip to 1.2710 earlier on the back of the orders info. I’ve knocked half out for 10 pips as I’m not keen holding longs in GBP overall right now, so I want to lower the risk when I am as quick as possible.

Resistance has already shown up at the broken 1.2730 level, coming in at 1.2725. That area needs to be retaken to relieve this bearish pressure. Failure to do that will bring another test of the lows (happening as I type now).

GBPUSD 15m chart

GBPUSD 15m chart

The ForexFlow order board currently lists bids, offers and where the stops are sitting for 5 major pairs and you can access it daily via the ForexFlow platform.



Ryan Littlestone

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