December 2018 UK distributive trade sales for the retail sector 20 December 2018

  • Distributive trade sales -13 vs 16 exp. Prior 19
  • 3m sales 4 vs 16 prior
  • Orders -23 vs 15 prior
  • Expected sales 0 vs 22 prior
  • Expected sales for time of year -22 vs 8 prior

As we’ve mentioned about retail sales at this time, given the two big sales events in November, we have to take Nov and Dec sales together. What this data shows is that perhaps shoppers did their Christmas shopping early and December is going to be a dud. I’m now expecting the main December numbers (out in Jan) to show a reverse of today’s good numbers. We’ll have to see how that makes the Nov/Dec period look overall.

Ryan Littlestone

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