A time to say thank you

I know it’s late for some of you traders in different parts of the world so I wanted to get this out fairly early. I know London desks will be half empty now 😉 Don’t worry, some of us hardcore souls will be here into the close (or thereabouts).

Quite simply, the team and I wanted to thank you for all your support over this year. We celebrate all the traders we’ve long known, the new traders we’ve met and we take a moment for those we’ve lost.

The community we’ve grown here in our trading room, on the website and social media has been something very special and we’re going to make it rock even more next year.

To all of you, wherever you may be, we wish you a Happy and peaceful Christmas/holiday and an extremely prosperous New Year. Now, stop staring at your charts, switch off your pc’s and go and enjoy the holidays!



Ryan Littlestone

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