December 2018 US ADP employment report 3 January 2018

  • Employment report 271k vs 178k exp. Prior 179k
  • Small business 89k vs 46k prior
  • Medium 129k vs 116k prior
  • Large 54k vs 13k prior
  • Goods producing sector 47k vs 16k prior
  • Services 224k vs 163k prior
  • Manufacturing 12k vs 4k prior
  • Mining -2k vs 2k prior
  • Construction 37k vs 10k prior
  • Trade & Transport 33k vs 18k prior
  • Info 6k vs -1k prior
  • Financials 7k vs 8k prior
  • Professionals 66K vs 59k prior
  • Education & health 61k vs 49k prior
  • Leisure and hospitality 39k vs 26k prior
  • Other 12k vs 3k prior

A very big beat to close the year off with and in the nervy environment today, showing that jobs remain strong will ease fears of an economic slump in the US.

USD hasn’t done too much though. USDJPY up to 107.97 from 107.67.

Ryan Littlestone

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