Who are the lucky sausages who have won the non-farm payrolls competition?

Not one person went over 300k in the guesses. Here’s the winners;

  1. Zvezdobroec with 277k (1 month pass to the ForexFlow platform)
  2. Anonymous with 250k (1 month pass to the ForexFlow platform)
  3. Scott Edwards with 234k (1 month pass to Livesquawk)
  4. Stephane with 226k  (1 month pass to Livesquawk)

Well done to you four players, please contact me via the contact button at the top of the page or here.

Thanks to you all for taking part and don’t worry if you don’t win as you can still benefit from the 20% off for 2 months special offer currently running for access to our trading platform, and you can get a two-week free trial of Livesquawk by using the promo code forexflow

Ryan Littlestone

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