Thinking caps on people, it’s time to pump those trades

An interesting day yesterday. We had some top class trading in the room yesterday. There had been a growing feeling of EURUSD busting 1.1500 and some of us went with a break entry, while other traders assessed the price action superbly to jump in mere minutes ahead of the pop. Collective thinking like that is a joy to watch.

Trade updates:

EURUSD – I reduced my short offer considerably yesterday because of the PA and increased my stop reverse size because I felt a break was coming. I was going to pull the short altogether but the market beat me too it. So, as 1.15 broke, I lost 12 pips on the a small short possie but then rolled into a much larger long from 1.1507. I cut some at 1.1517 when 20 first failed and then more at 1.1550. I’m happy while 1.1500/10 retains support.

USDJPY – Stopped on the bal of my 108.55 long at BE +1. I went bid at 108.05 but my order missed by half a pip on the first test there. I pulled the bid after that because we came back down pretty quickly afterwards and i don’t like that type of price action. We’re back above 108.00 again now so I’m going to look to take a small long if it looks like holding.

Let’s hear what’s on your radar today.

Good luck and many pips to you all.

Ryan Littlestone

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