The day after the Brexit night before

Welcome to groundhog day folks. Yes indeed, we’re spending yet another day watching the UK political pantomime unfold. Whoopee!

I didn’t trade at all yesterday. It’s becoming very hard to think clearly from a trading perspective because all this shambles is getting my blood boiling. That means I’m not in my emotional comfort zone when it comes to trading and therefore, that’s not a position I’m comfortable trading in.

I like to think I have good control over my emotions because you need that when trading as you need to have a high level of objectivity. I don’t trade the pound (or any other currency) because of any emotional attachment. It’s all just a number moving up and down. But, it’s easy to get drawn into the emotional aspect if there’s cause to do so, like being slap bang in the middle of this Brexit mess. Trust me, I could write a harsh and expletive 1000 page post on the current buffoonery going on but I try not to bring my personal views into trading. That’s easier said than done sometimes.

So, for today, I’m not in a comfortable place for trading so I’m going to hold back. We’ve another risk event later so we’ll see if that brings any clear opportunities.

The moves yesterday weren’t too volatile so I hope you all stayed safe. If you are rocking and rolling today, let us know what you’re up to below.

Good luck today

Ryan Littlestone

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