Trade ideas for Tuesday 22nd January 2019

What a dull day yesterday eh? Once again, Asia seems to be where all the action is.

Not much to report on the trading front. I took a short in cable on yesterday’s test of 1.2900 and chopped half at 1.2875 overnight. I’m looking for 50’s for another slice. Stop is down now to 1.2885 (+11).

EURUSD is still doing nothing. I may look to 1.1400/10 for a scalp short., same into 1.1300. USDJPY didn’t get me close enough to 110 for a short. I’ll see what the PA is like into 109 for a possible long.

NZDUSD is the other trade I’m looking at but if I don’t get in soon and the bounces from the lows continue to look weak, I’ll think about holding off as that would suggest a break through 0.67.

Let us know hat’s floating your boat today.

Ryan Littlestone

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