Looking forward to more Brexit fun and games

Another D-Day for Brexit looms and we’re already getting a raft of stories. GBP is only mildly reacting to the latest headlines but as per my Brexit post yesterday, I still see very little that will send the pound meaningfully lower. Of course, this is Brexit and anything can happen but the balance has shifted to either getting a deal or having no-deal taken off the table. We can only wait to see what pieces of the puzzle fall into place ahead of tonight’s vote

Taking all the latest Brexit news and events into consideration, I’ve put together a plan for trading GBP in the ForexFlow trading platform.

In other pairs, I’m still 1.12-1.15 bound and we’ve cemented the 1.1400 break by clearing and holding the 1.1420 level, which gave the pair the impetus to move up. So, I’m watching the price to see if we get a look at 1.1500, with a view for a short.

USDJPY is still slow going but I’m watching 109 but with an eye on the clock ticking down to the FOMC.

There’s one or two other trades I’m looking at that have been discussed in our trading room, so we’ll see if those pan out. Let us know what’s on your radar today.

Ryan Littlestone

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