Here’s how things stand in Brexit right now

  • Vote is on the Withdrawal Agreement only, not the political declaration
  • WA needs to be agreed to get the additional extension until 22nd May
  • WA passing satisfies the EU procedure but does not become a legally binding law within the UK (it’s a fudge).
  • The DUP say they will vote against it.
  • Labour said they will table a motion to say they would back the WA IF they could dictate the direction of future talks with the EU. Was never going to fly with May but it’s what caused GBP to crumble earlier as it meant that Labour weren’t going to vote for the WA.
  • Since then, the House speaker has turned down all amendments (like Labour’s) for this motion, so there’s no other motions being voted on apart from the WA.
  • Cox is now trying to explain all this to the House.

Failure to pass this vote today means the UK is set to leave 11th April, and in a position of having no deal, no plan to stop Brexit and no possibility of a further extension. That makes the chances of a general election much higher. All this is why GBP is on the defensive.

Ryan Littlestone

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