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  • Major currencies, equity markets and the price of crude oil since 8th June – the cycle low in the US Dollar – have exhibited reasonably limited directionality, narrow trading ranges and very low volatility, with the notable exception of currencies in Latin America.
  • However this is not a case of more confident financial market participants finding their feet, in our view. Rather it is a reflexion of greater global risk aversion, with financial markets unable to see through the smoke and reluctant to pit themselves against their peers and test monetary authorities’ resolve at a time of still acute uncertainty on many levels.


ERI-C Webinar – Thursday 2nd July (09.00 & 14.00 London time)

I will be presenting on “Opportunities In Global FX & Rates: Amid The Misguided Debate On The Shape of Recovery”


  • Misguided debate about the shape of a global recovery and nonsensical proliferation of letters;
  • Unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus driving equity bubble but bogeyman of hyperinflation;
  • US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Yen and gold “safe-haven” outlook – myth vs reality;
  • Key drivers of FX & rates markets, including path of national lockdowns, central bank and government policies, renewed focus on domestic macro data and market positioning;
  • FX volatility & directionality, with a focus on scope for EM currencies (including Renminbi), Sterling, Euro and Aussie and Kiwi Dollars to outperform or underperform; and
  • Cost-benefit of reasonably low international oil price.

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Ryan Littlestone

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