Gas field estimated to hold 135tn cubic meters of NatGas & 10bn barrels of oil has been discovered in Strasbourg, France

  • The field lies approximately 5000ft directly under the EU parliament building.
  • A row is already developing between France and the EU over who would actually own the field.
  • An EU spokesperson has already claimed that the field belongs to the EU as it is under declared EU land and property. France obviously disagrees.
  • French energy spokesman Pierre Heaterson said “This field is under French sovereign territory and so all rights and profits arising from extraction will go to France. If the EU tries to steal our gas & oil they will fail and we will force them to pay for supplies in Old Francs”.

France has been fighting to keep the EU from cancelling the monthly Parliament uplift from Brussels to Strasbourg, who want to stop it due to the costs involved (circa $200m per trip). France wants to keep the sessions in Strasbourg as it brings in a huge influx of money to the town but this discovery may mean a change in tone.

Local resident Michel Forage said “The EU fill the parliament building with hot air every month but none of that can heat our homes. With this crisis with Russia, we should kick them out, develop the field, and not be dependent on anyone else for gas, while selling some to the rest of Europe”.

The issue is to be debated in both French and European parliaments in 2038.

Coming soon – Gas flaring at the EU parliament building in Strasbourg, France

Ryan Littlestone

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