Here’s the latest data from the CFTC’s Commitments of Traders futures speculative positioning report as of Tuesday 26 September 2017

  • JPY  -71K vs -51K prior
  • EUR  +88K vs +62K prior
  • GBP +5K vs -10K prior
  • CHF –1.8K vs -1.5K prior
  • CAD +75K vs +59K prior
  • AUD +77k vs +72k prior
  • NZD +8K vs +7K prior

All hail the mighty pound as positions turn long for the first time since the week of 20th October 2015. EURUSD dippers looked to have jumped in a bit early, as we hit the low 1.17’s the day after this report. Some of those new possies might be round about flat with the bounce back into 1.18.

GBP CFTC positions 26 09 2017

GBP CFTC positions 26 09 2017

Ryan Littlestone

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