I am hoping you see the relevance in the title, and not a rehash of my English Literature essays from days past when i had the hots for my E.L teacher .

Hormones were raging, and i still think the bespectacled hair tied up in a bun look is rather sexy. The Earnest I’m referring to in the Oscar Wilde play was deemed rather saucy at the time. He managed to get himself into every conceivable trouble by NOT being honest with himself, and the consequences,cause and effect came close to breaking him ( Earnest = honest ), until the past caught up with him at the end of the play .

You’re maybe thinking by now what this has to do with trading ?. It has everything to do with the way I trade . A successful week. EURUSD  short , cable. GBPJPY . Profits were taken along the way. I stuck to my plans and favored directions. Tried my best to ignore the noise, and remembered  the lesson that Earnest taught me all those years ago. To be myself.., and not to try to fit the occasion (trade) if it doesn’t fit me. My trade/s have stood the test of data flows throughout the past week. I’m not ready to take all profits and also not ready to change my thinking, and will be looking to add in my preferred direction if opportunity presents itself .

New week, new month , new Qtr . Sometimes my trades/views will go against your own. I have the utmost respect for your thinking, and very happy to talk with you in the comment section. We have to keep nimble, stay honest to ourselves and take a tip from Earnest  .

Horatio Dubsly

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