European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker speaking ahead of a parliament meeting on Brexit

  • It’s too early to start phase two of Brexit talks
  • UK cannot go over Bariner’s head in talks (says the man who does just that at every opportunity
  • Speeches are not positions (more pot calling the kettle black)
  • There’s still too much of a lack of clarity over Brexit

No reaction in the quid from these comments and we’ll probably hear plenty of them today from EU parliament.

Comments up now from Barnier;

  • Have not yet reached sufficient progress on divorce talks
  • There are still serious divergences on financial settlements
  • Wants an ambitious trade deal with UK post-Brexit

May up now on the wireless;

  • Some things on Brexit can be settled in less than 2 years

And how’s this for cheeky? EU’s Weber has asked May to sack Boris Johnson. Talk about sticking your nose in.


Ryan Littlestone

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