USDJPY scaled back to small size

  • I’ve put the USDJPY trade on the back burner this morning @ 112.45 ,cut 3/4 of it while still in profit for about 20 pips, after having jobbed it inside the 113.20-112.60 range.
    There is a bit to much psycho about the 30th anniversary of the Crash as both yields and equities get hit. Threats out of NK have added a little fuel to the fire.
    I only have tiny open for now, ready to reload but prefer to be safe rather than sorry.
  • The USDCHF trade remains in play and according to plan I’ve raised the stop to 0.9730 to guarantee profit. I reckon all this crash hype will be temporary in the end and
    the US continues to produce better earnings overall.
  • An add on to the risk on/off light indicators will be EU’s decision today on how and when to move forward in the Brexit negotiations.



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