The Unemployment Rate To Be In The Low 4s, and Modest Increases In Real Wage Growth.

  • Appropriate For US Interest Rates To Rise Gradually Over The Next Couple Of Years
  • Still Holding To The View Recent Inflation Weakness Largely Due To “Idiosyncratic Noise”
  • To Watch The Next Few Inflation Reports Closely For Signs Of A Pickup.
  •  US Economic Activity Has Grown At “Reasonably Solid Pace” Despite Hurricanes. US Economy Nearing Full Employment
  • A Spike In Demand Could Push Economy “Beyond Its Sustainable Capacity”, Would Pressure Labour Costs
  • Southeast Businesses Overall “Do Not Expect A Surge In Growth” Or “An Upshift In Growth For Cost Pressures, Including Labour Costs”
  • Too Early To Know Impact Of US Tax Form Until See Details

In the meantime the USD continues to suffer today, EURUSD now up to 1.1800, USDJPY 113.35, Cable 1.3185

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