Adjust Trade balance : 323B JPY vs 210B JPY expected

  • Prior Trade balance : 668B JPY
  • Prior Adjusted Trade Balance : 240B JPY, revised to 266.6 B JPY
  • Imports YoY Oct 2017: 18.9% vs 20.2% exp, prior 12%
  • Exports YoY Oct 2017: 14.0% vs 15.8% exp, prior 14.1%

Weaker than expectations, still a good month, on the ex- and imports but only having a minor impact as the emphasis of the morning lies with German coalition talks going belly up.
USDJPY trading 112.00, EURJPY 131.47(up a spread) having suffered pretty heavy losses from the 132.20 open down to a low 131.17.

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