It’s a New Year so why not enter the ForexFlow non-farm payrolls competition?

Tomorrow we see the last NFP data of 2017 but as it’s coming in 2018, what better way to start the year off than with access to the best financial squawk service there is? All you have to do is pick the NFP number tomorrow and you can win a 6 month sub to Livesquawk.

If you hit the nail on the head with the NFP number you will win a free 6 month subscription. Get closest and you get a 3 month sub. Here are the rules;

  • You pick a number as your guess for the Friday NFP number – 1 guess per person
  • First person who picks a number gets it (you can pick another number if your 1st guess is taken)
  • Closest to the number wins. In the case of a draw or split, the person who entered first by time gets it
  • Only guesses in the comments on this post count (put them anywhere else and you’re out of luck)
  • Entries in by 12.29:59 GMT Friday

If you want to try the Livesquawk service out anyway, we have a free trial offer for you, using promo codeForexFlow.

Good luck to you all.

Ryan Littlestone

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