BOJ quarterly outlook report 23.01.2018

  • “Inflation expectations are moving sideways recently,” that’s a slight improvement from ” moving on a weak note” , subtle..
  • CPI is accelerating but moves remain weak
  • BoJ Quarterly Report: Inflation Expected To Reach 2 Pct Around Fiscal 2019/20
  • Risks To Economy Roughly Balanced
  • Inflation Expectations And Job Market Pose Both Upside, Downside Risks
  • Moves In Forex And Commodities Markets Pose Both Upside, Downside Risks
  • Prices For Some Goods Are Insensitive To Changes In Supply-Demand Gap
  • Loss Of Trust In Fiscal Policy Could Increase Uncertainty, Lead To Rise In Long Term Yields
  • The link

JPY rises 0.3% on the “sideways” compared to “weak” change  . Trading at 110.65 from 110.95


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