Yesterday was a great lesson in trading discipline and chart watching

Just a quick note to say how chuffed I am to be working with such pro’s on here.

Yesterday’s trading by Si and H was a masterclass in discipline and grabbing opportunities.

Si’s momentum style trading is a very hard thing to do. Buying at tops or new high breaks is a masterclass and he nailed it in cable yesterday. I find it impossible to trade like that because to me it feels like a jump into the unknown, and I’m always scared of buying the top or selling the low. It takes cajones to trade like that. It also takes balls and very strong discipline to identify when you’re wrong so you can quickly get out. Not everyone is attuned to moving so fast or realising they are wrong, and thus reacting quickly enough to reduce potential losses.Again, Si excels there too.

H is H and he does what he did yesterday in EURAUD, every day. His identifying of levels is something to behold. He may not write a book every time he posts but he gets the message out in clear and concise fashion. It’s simplified trading at it’s best.

K-Man is a rocket too. He’s another fast trader who doesn’t blink when taking a level. He sees them, he flags them up and he nails them.

Not only am I proud to be trading alongside these guys, I’m lucky that I can learn from them too. All traders need to find their own style but that shouldn’t mean we are closed minded to learn from others. H always laughs when the rest of us talk moving averages, while I call his H&S watching witchcraft. But, I know he’ll have a look at them if we mention any, and likewise I do with his H&S. just because we may not follow certain indicators or ideas, it doesn’t mean we’re not open to learning why it’s important others do.

What’s also important with this crowd is how they deal with defeat. Yesterday was one of those perfect trading days where it all goes right and big moves are captured but it’s not like that every day. How the folks here recover from bad trades is far more important than the reaction to winners, and these guys nail that too. Yes, when we lose (that does happen, and you’ll hear about those too) the odd family cat or dog might get a kick, and Si might moan that the rest of us have stolen his stop money but the process is the same with all of them, take the punishment, swear a bit, then put it behind you and move on to the next trade.

I thank them for being here and the readers for coming here, many of which are fantastic traders in their own right. I’ll repeat again, we won’t always have days like yesterday but we’re trying to build something special here so that those days happen more often, and we want you to be part of that. Spread the word folks, ForexFlow is on the march!


Ryan Littlestone

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