Bundesbank’s Weidmann Presents Institution’s Annual Report 27.02.2018

– MonPol Normalization In EZ ‘Will Take Quite Some Time’
– MonPol Will Remain Very Expansionary Even After End Of QE
– Real Economic Situation And MonPol Stance Have Rarely Diverged As Much As Now
– Number Of Signs Suggest Increasing Domestic Price Pressures Likely To Be Sustained
– Recent EUR Strength Does Not Change Very Accommodative Stance In EZ
– Indications Exchange Rate Movements Having Less Impact On Inflation Rate Than In Past
– Important To Reduce MonPol Accommodation Gradually And Dependably If Price Developments Allow
– Stock Market Turbulence Shows Dependability Of Communication Plays Significant Role
– Needs To Be Clarity About Our MonPol Reaction Function
– Low Interest Rates Makes EZ Vulnerable To Another Economic Cool-Down
– Low Interest Rates Create “A Kind Of Illusion Of Sustainability”
– Crucial For Sustainability Of Public Budgets To Remain Beyond Reproach
– Abrupt Rise In Interest Rates Would Take A Heavy Toll On Earnings At Banks
– Institution Architecture Of Monetary Union Needs To Be Overhauled
– Impossible To Predict Form Of Future Relationship Between EU, UK
– UK Banks Wishing To Do Business In EU 27 Should Establish Necessary Base There
– Gold Repatriation Programme Concluded Successfully And Ahead Of Schedule

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