UK GDP, investment and c/a numbers for Q4 2017 on 29.03.2018

  • prior YoY 1.4%
  • GDP QoQ 0.4% vs 0.4% exp, prior 0.4
  • Business investment QoQ 0.3% vs 0.0% exp, prior 0.0%
  • Business investment YoY 2.6% vs 1.9% exp, prior 2.1%
  • Current account Q4 -18.4B vs -24B exp, prior -22.8B, revised to -19.2B
  • Index of services 0.6% vs 0.6% ex, prior 0.6%

Not to bad numbers out this morning, c/a and business investment doing better than feared, Money supply on the weaker side. The effect on GBP may have to wait until the month end flows are out of the way. There may still be some EURGBP to buy this morning and USD to buy in the fixings later

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