Actually quiet in the majors,

not to much concentration around current levels and nothing of note in Cable, commods or crosses. Does that hint US labour reports have less impact now we’re nearing full employment? Maybe next week will see more after the market had a chance to trade it. Note USDCAD has a few a big figure above current which could come into play.
The EURUSD 1.2600, USDJPY 104.00 and 104.50 barriers are still running but they really seem to far off to have any importance right now.


  • 1.2200 600M
  • 1.2300 560M
  • 1.2400 900M


  • 106.00 1B
  • 107.00 500M


  • 1.2875 840M
  • 1.2900 900M
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