It’s been quite an amazing week when you think about it

Often, when we’re so focused on trading and jumping from one headline to another, one event to another, what’s actually really happening can pass us by as quick as the bars on a 5 minute chart. Now the week is winding down, it’s actually been a quite amazing one. We’ve had some big market breaks, and some fakes. Central bank expectation trades have been turned on their heads, and the usual cans have been kicked. The biggest event surely is the fact we’ve possibly seen the end of one of the most edgy and tense global situations for decades. I think the North/South Korea peace news is a huge historical event and we should be happy and thankful that it might come about. Trump is best mates with LFB and China’s Xi, and all he needs to do now is become best buds with Putin (I reckon that’s coming next) and we can all go dancing through the meadows naked singing Kumbaya in our new global utopia (and Kman can wear his Belgium morphsuit out in public).

Remember this day/week, and what you were doing when peace came to a corner of the world. I’ll remember it for trying and failing several times to buy the kiwi while the rest of the ForexFlow world front-ran me for good profits (the vultures). I’ve had a few cuts and bruises from playing some big figs and failed strong looking tech levels, and although I’ve had a run of small losses from that lot (which is never good for ones morale), I’ve still managed to finish up a touch on the week on the back of my USDJPY trades. It’s a reminder for less experienced traders that it’s ok to have losses as long as they don’t cripple you, and that it’s fine to fight the market if you’re trading with the right risk parameters for the situation at hand. I’d always rather have 10 controlled and sensible small losess than one big reckless stupid one.

The guys and girls in our live room had a good week by all accounts, and my FFL colleagues have certainly done themselves proud this week. It’s such a pleasure to work alongside traders who know their onions, and who are happy to share their views and help others by bouncing ideas about and offering advice, all in real time.

You ForexFlow readers have done your bit too by being part of our growing community and getting stuck in with comments and views. We listen to you as much as we talk. Once again, I’d like to thank you on behalf of myself and all the team here. We’re building something special here and it’s the readership that will help make that happen.

So, at the end of this big week, I hope that your profits have been plentiful and your losses scarce, and I’ll wish you all a pleasant and safe weekend.

Ryan Littlestone

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