Canada March 2018 trade data on 03.05.2018

  • prior -2.69B $, revised to -2.93B$
  • Exports 47.58B$ vs 45.94B$ prior, revised to 45.87B$
  • Imports 51.72B$ vs 48.63B$ prior, revised to 48.4B$
  • Trade balance with US 1.7B$ vs 2.6B$ prior , a 5th month of narrowing
  • Trade balance Non-US -5.8B$ vs -5.2B$ prior

Here’s link to the full stats

That’s a bit of a blow on the headline but note both im- and exports are on the rise which testifies of increased economic activity. I’m not overly worried after the initial spike in USDCAD on the headline number and seen the trade surplus with the US is narrowing again. Still a bit short EURCAD , stop tightened to 1.5440.

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