Canadian April 2018 employment report on 11.05.2018

  • Prior 32.2K
  • Unemployment rate 5.8% vs 5.8% exp, prior 5.8%
  • Participation rate 65.4% vs 65.5% exp, prior 65.5%
  • Part time Employment change -30K vs -35.9K prior
  • Full time employment change 28.8K vs 68.3K prior
  • April Average Hourly wage of permanent employees +3.3% Y/Y vs March 3.1%
  • Canada good sector -15.9K jobs, Service sector +14.8K jobs

A bit lower on the headline and participation rate taking CAD a few spreads lower. The rotation from Part- into Full time jobs and the average earnings up  should prevent the CAD from falling to far imo. And we still have Nafta and oil supporting the loonie in the back ground .

Keeping a small EURCAD short running

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