Australia April 2018 Employment report on 17.05.2018

  • prior change 4.9K, revised to -0.7K
  • Unemployment 5.6% vs 5.5% exp, prior 5.5%
  • Full-time employment change 32.7K vs -19.K prior, revised to -25.1K
  • Part-time employment change -10K vs 24.8K prior
  • Participation rate 65.6 % vs 65.5% exp, prior 65.5%
  • We also had the Melbourne Institute consumer inflation expectations out 30 mins ago, expected at 3.7% from 3.6%

One tenth higher unemployment rate but participation rate a tad higher and a positive rotation from part- into full-time employment. May put AUD in a small lift if anything but the market doesn’t react much immediately after the report


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