I tried to catch it and it nearly cut my hand off.

EURUSD and the JPY guest: We have to absolutely close below 1.1705 for the break to be confirmed. Right now it is a dogs dinner, full of chopped liver. Risk flows from EURJPY creating the tail that wags the dog – all not helping of course for orderly PA. JPY risk off corrections can be as brutal as the the original move. That said levels do still work – you just have to look for them.  Why did USDJPY stall at 109.52 ? Was it a coincidence the 100WMA is at 109.65 ? Why did NA corrective stop dead at 110.17 ? The 200DMA is 110.16 – Just saying with the benefit of my best friend – Harry.

Harry Hindsight.

For the record i got chopped up but I’ll live because i didn’t lump any size on. Please see the falling knife post this morning.

I’ve got some proper exciting news for you soon. It involves Adamis Principle and our plans for the summer. See Linked In for more details.

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