The US/NK meeting has concluded with everyone getting on swimmingly

Well that all went well didn’t it? Trump and Kim got on great and there’s hopes for a denuclearisation deal with both sides talking about a rosy future.

There’s not been much action in markets as most of the expectancy was traded yesterday. Yen pairs stay near yesterday’s highs (EURJPY just edging higher above those highs as I type). It remains to be seen whether there’s any lasting moves on this meeting or whether we quickly move on to other matters such as central banks, jobs data, inflation data, trade wars etc etc, you get the picture.

From here the US/NK headline risk has switched to now getting some bad news. We know LFB and Trump can have wobbles so while it’s all smiles, jelly and ice cream now, it won’t take much for LFB to get back home and start throwing out fresh insults or start acting up again. Hopefully that won’t happen but we know it can so that represents a market risk and something to bear in mind.

Until that happens, bask in the glory of the hark work from the future Nobel Peace prize winner ?



Ryan Littlestone

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