FX options board on 27.07.2018

As announced and expected after ECB and US GDP, there’s stuff going on in the majors. In EURUSD and USDJPY case, a lot of them are straddles by the look of it(buying calls and puts same strike, same expiry). A typical pattern for 2 way bets and most certainly has explained why we stayed in this range for most of the week as I expected going into ECB remember. These straddle owners have paid a price to be long a both ways bet and have been hedging on each 50-60 pips move either way giving liquidity in the process. If today’s US GDP figure doesn’t come out to far from expectations, same players will shoot again and will continue to give some liquidity until expiry in my opinion. But of course all is relative in these vast FX markets, I’m not going to hang my hat onto any of it until closer to hour and see where we are then.
A special mention today for USDCNH and USDMXN.
In the case of USDCNH, there’s equally plenty straddles going round for 2 way bets and all lower than we are now.
In case of USDMXN puts are what it’s all about.
Stay safe and happy hunting folks

1.1400        BARRIER
1.1500        BARRIER
1.1500        1B
1.1550        1.1B
1.1600/05   750M
1.1615/25   530M
1.1635/50   1B
1.1700        1.8B
1.1735/50   2.3B

109.40/60   1.8B
109.95/00   600M
111.25        1.5B
111.50/60   800M
112.00        610M
112.50/55   600M

0.9900        750M

0.8950        1.5B

0.7300        BARRIER
0.7375        535M
0.7410/15   550M

0.6680        1B
0.6810/25   540M

1.3000        460M
1.3290/00   1B

6.82            575M
6.80            870M
6.78            200M
6.7650/80   300M
6.76            520M
6.75            480M

18.73-75    1.4B
19.08          520M

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