FX options board for 03.08.2018

The concentration of expiries for the EURUSD lies to the topside, pretty evenly spread between calls and puts. No expiries doesn’t mean there’s no interest from this side of the market of course. During the week shorter duration downside strikes have been bought with 1.1500-1.1450 the most popular ones. There’s still some vague talk about a larger barrier at 1.1500 but I haven’t seen it on the closer to the market reports tbh. I’ll leave that one in the middle.

USDJPY sees the usual expiries between 110 and 112. Cable has an interesting cluster around 1.31 if US wages and/or jobs would disappoint.
There’s also still the activity in AUDUSD in this zone to reckon with. Same here, 0.7300 was supposed to be a barrier but haven’t seen any mention of it in latest reports. There must have been a fair bit of those expiring before the real summer month of August imo in the majors.

Cad sees some increased interest.
On the EM front the barriers are facing up with USDTRY having another one at 5.20 and supposedly a LARGE one at 5.50 after the 5.10has been blown today.
In USDCNH the major one is reported at the big fat 7.00

Where the option interests have managed to keep the rates inside a range this week, if the owners have had enough occasion to get their premium paid back on today’s expiries, I wouldn’t take today’s report on NFP day to much for granted, most should/could be hedged, even though some may attract if we’re close the minutes before expiry. Trade the market data and moves first before hanging your hat to the options unless you are the owner of them, in which case have fun with it.

1.1500         350M + barrier(?)
1.1540/50    460M
1.1600         638M
1.1650/60    400M
1.1700         1B
1.1720/30    1B

110.40/50     1B
110.90/00    1.3B
111.40/50    1B
111.75         440M
112.00         1.8B

129.30           400M

1.2965         385M
1.3095/25    1.5B

0.7300/20    920M + barrier(?)
0.7400         1B

1.2900         780M
1.2930/45    667M
1.3100         920M

6.8200         1.338B
7.00             BARRIER

18.60         260M
19.00         350M

5.20         Barrier
5.50         B A R R I E R




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