Here are today’s trading views and ideas for the day ahead 16 August 2018

Good morning all.

Breakthrough or just a tentative step in the trade war saga? The US and China are going to have tea together to talk trade, although these talks are said to be low level. Still, you’ve got to start somewhere. And so we seem to have a better risk landscape today but only mildly, and that’s worth remembering. I was cautious about the last risk rally which turned around leading to further losses this week and while this one may have some legs, we’re far from out of the woods yet, and the market knows it.

But anyway, today’s another day and I’m sure there will be plenty of trades to be had.

For my part. It’s nice to wake up and see USDCNH down after taking a small short yesterday, just to dip my toe in the water. I’ll look to slice some off today if we see it drop further.

I keep trying hard to muck up my USDMXN shorts by failing to pull the trigger on adding higher up in the rallies. I seem to be one step behind in the moves on that one and always wanting a bit more than I should actually take. I’m also failing to take some partial profit on decent dips. I’ll have to pay closer attention to that and work a bit harder on my concentration.

So, all down to you guys now. Let us know what’s floating your boat today.

And rememeber;

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Good luck to you all.


Ryan Littlestone

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