US July 2018 trade data on 05.09.2018

  • Prior -46.3B, revised  to -45.70
  • Imports 51.38B vs 51.32B prior, revised to 51.60B
  • Exports 51.2B vs 50.7B prior, revised to 50.86B
  • China: -$36.8B (record level) v -$32.5B prior
  • Japan: -$4.9B v -$5.6B prior
  • Canada: -3.2$B v -$1.2B prior
  • OPEC: -$3.0B
  • Mexico: -$6.4B v -$6.7B prior
  • European Union: -$14.5B v -$12.8B prior

Deficit with China, Canada and EU continues to rise for now.Little move so far on the widening deficit. A tad negative USD if anything;
EURUSD 1.1580
USDCNH 6.8540, watching either side of 6.83-87 there for action.

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